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The Board is committed to providing you with information and guidance about nursing practice based on the Nurse Practice Act and the administrative rules. See below for practice information for RNs, LPNs, and APRNs, additional resources for APRNs who prescribe, and more.

Practice and Prescribing

Practice RN and LPN

Find guidelines for patient care and other important information.

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Practice APRN

Learn about APRN practice and numerous other topics.

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Prescribing Resources

The Ohio Board of Nursing is committed to providing information and updates on the latest prescribing rules and guidelines.

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Elder Abuse Mandatory Reporter Training Materials

Pursuant to ORC 5101.63 , nurses, dialysis technicians, employees working in nursing homes, residential care facilities, home health, hospitals, community mental health and other work sites listed in this statute, who have reasonable cause to believe that an adult is being abused, neglected, or exploited, or is in a condition that is the result of abuse, neglect, or exploitation, shall immediately report such belief to the county department of jobs and family services.

The Board of Nursing, as an entity that employs, licenses, or regulates individuals listed as mandatory reporters is tasked with ensuring that these Ohio health care providers have access to the training materials developed by the ODJFS (see ORC 5101.632). The guide for Medical Professionals, and other guides, are available free of charge in hard copy format through the Jobs and Family Services Forms Central website at ( or by using the following form number or electronically by clicking the links below:

If you have any questions about the training materials, please contact ODJFS Program staff via the APS Mailbox (

Qualifying Charitable Event Volunteer; License Exemption

Complete and submit this form by email to to comply with Section 4723.32(G)(9), ORC.  This limited license exemption permits individuals licensed in another state to provide nursing care as a volunteer without remuneration during a charitable event in Ohio that lasts not more than seven days if both the following are the case: The individual, or the charitable event’s organizer, notified the board of nursing not less than seven calendar days before the first day of the charitable event of the individual’s intent to engage in the practice of nursing as a registered nurse, advanced practice registered nurse, or licensed practical nurse at the event; and, if the individual’s scope of practice in the other jurisdiction is more restrictive than in this state, the individual is limited to performing only those procedures that a registered nurse, advanced practice registered nurse, or licensed practical nurse in the other jurisdiction may perform.

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