Launch Your Career With an MSL

By obtaining your MSL, you can apply to open positions throughout the country, rather than just your home state. So increase your marketability to employers and open yourself up to more job opportunities with the NLC today.

Share Expertise Across State Lines

What the MSL Can Do for You

Start your nursing career off on the right foot by getting your MSL on January 1, 2023.

  • Easily practice in-person or provide tele-nursing services to patients nationwide.
  • Quickly cross state borders to provide vital health care services in the event of a disaster or public health emergency.

  • Expand your career opportunities with the freedom to apply to positions across the country.

The First Step

Watch this webinar to learn more about the next steps and benefits of the NLC.

How You Can Prepare Today

  • Create your Ohio eLicense account and submit an application.
    • Use your “legal” name to create an account.

    • Use your personal email address to create an account.

  • Your application will remain “submitted” until OBN receives the required information from your nursing program.

  • You can’t choose an MSL until January 1, 2023, but if you were licensed before that date, you can convert to an MSL.

How You Can Prepare Before Graduation

  • Pay your application fee and verify that it is “submitted” 60 days prior to graduating.

  • Provide your program representative with your application number. Your program will need this to submit your completion letter to OBN.

Visit our NLC toolkit for more resources to help you prepare for January 1, 2023.