Prepare Your Staff for the NLC

The NLC doesn’t just pose advantages to nurses – it can improve employers’ bottom line and enhance operations.

Prepare Your Nurses Today

Benefits of Hiring Nurses With an MSL

  • Expand employee recruitment and decrease the time it takes to fill positions.

  • Confidently hire vetted, credentialed nurse candidates utilizing the NLC’s uniform licensing requirements.

  • Remove cost barriers for nurse employers that share the cost of multiple licenses; especially for national healthcare organizations that have locations all over the country.

Expand Your Workforce

Prepare Your Staff

  • Register your nursing workforce in, the only national database for verification of nurse licensure, discipline, and practice privileges.
    • Employers are encouraged to register their workforce and enroll in Nursys E-Notify updates. An employer will receive a notice of disciplinary action taken on any license a nurse holds in the United States if there is discipline on a license.
  • Talk to your current nurse workforce about the personal and professional benefits of converting to their MSL.
Visit our NLC toolkit for more resources to help you prepare for January 1, 2023.