Expedited Licensing for Military Members and Spouses

Thank you for your service! If you or your spouse is a current or retired member of the armed forces of the United States, or a reserve component of the armed forces of the United States, including the Ohio National Guard, the following information is provided to help you in obtaining licensure or certification by the Ohio Board of Nursing.

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Nurse Licensure, Exam & Temporary Permits

If you are applying to take an examination or are already licensed in another state as a nurse, the Board provides expedited processing to military veterans or spouses. You can obtain a temporary permit to practice in Ohio in as little as 3 business days if all requirements are met. On your license application, check the box indicating “military or spouse of military”.

Renewal/Reinstatement Fee Waivers for Military

If you are licensed or certified by the Board and are seeking renewal/reinstatement, you may be eligible for waiver of certain fees. To obtain a waiver of the late processing fee (renewal) or the reinstatement fee, generally you need to meet these requirements:

(1) Not more than 6 months prior to the application, you or your spouse was honorably discharged or separated;

(2) If you are a licensee/certificate holder, you are not suffering a mental/physical impairment affecting your ability to practice;

(3) If you are military spouse, your spouse’s service caused you to be absent from Ohio during renewal.

Continuing Education Time Extension

Nurses, dialysis technicians, community health workers and medication aides called to active duty during a current or prior continuing education (CE) reporting period may receive an extension of time to complete CE requirements equal to the number of months spent in active duty.

Criminal Records Checks

Criminal records checks are required for everyone applying for licensure or certification. Click the links below for detailed information about the process.

Nursing Board Rules: Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 4723-2, Licensing for Active Duty Military and Veterans

OAC Chapter 4723-2 includes rules that explain how the Board processes applications, grants fee waivers, and extends certain deadlines for licensure for service members, veterans, or spouses of service members or veterans. Click here for the rules.

Military Pathways to Nursing Licensure

For answers to some of the most common questions and concerns that military members have regarding the process, click the links below.

Additional Education & Licensing Resources

Military personnel, military spouses and veterans can find helpful information using the links below.