A Comprehensive & Efficient System

The Ohio Board of Nursing regulates over 300,000 licenses and certificates for registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), dialysis technicians (DTs), community health workers (CHWs) and medication aides (MA-Cs).

The Board is part of a comprehensive professional licensing system, known as Ohio eLicense, used by most of Ohio’s licensing boards. The system includes features to better serve our licensees and the public.

Our goal is to verify that individuals meet the statutory and regulatory requirements to practice in Ohio. Our system is designed to license and certify qualified applicants as quickly as possible so that they can enter or remain in the workforce.

License Search

Verifying the license or certificate of healthcare workers is an important part of ensuring public safety. Click the links below to learn more about the process or to conduct a search.

Fee Schedule for Licenses and Certificates

Apply or Renew Online

All applications and renewal requests must be submitted through the Ohio eLicense 3.0 System. The Google Chrome web browser is recommended for best results. Find instructions and information in the links below.

Submitting Supplemental Information

If you completed your online application, but need to provide additional information, submit it online.  Click the link below for instructions.

Name & Address Change

You are required to update your address and inform the Board if you have a name change.  The Board encourages you to do so through the Ohio eLicense System, which makes it fast and easy.  Please click on the links below for step-by-step instructions.

License Inactivation

If you no longer intend to practice or work as a nurse in Ohio, your license or certificate can be placed on inactive status through the Ohio eLicense System. It is important to remember that if your license is inactive, you cannot work in Ohio until you apply to reactivate your license. And, if APRNs inactivate their RN license, their APRN license will be automatically inactivated, as well.

To get started, follow the steps below.

  • Go to eLicense.ohio.gov.
  • Log into your account.
  • Click the “Options” link on the appropriate license panel.
  • Click the “Special Request” link.
  • Select “License Inactivation”.
  • Complete the information and click “Submit”.

Reactivation & Reinstatement

For detailed information on how to reactivate or reinstate your RN or LPN license, click the link below.

Criminal Records Check

Continuing Education

Cultural Competencies & CE Opportunities

Find resources and programs designed to help you build knowledge and skills related to cultural competency in the links below.

Board Statement on the Multi-State Nurse Licensure Compact

The Ohio Board of Nursing examines the Compact annually and carefully weighs the benefits and risks. Learn more in the links below.

Wall Certificates

Wall certificates are now available for you to print on demand through the Ohio eLicense system. Log into your eLicense account and on “Your Licenses” page, go to the “Options” drop down list and select “Print Wall Certificate.” You no longer need to request or pay for replacement certificates — you can access your wall certificate online any time you wish to print it at no cost.


Find the forms and information related to licensing and certification for nurses in Ohio.

Community Health Workers

Find the forms and information related to licensing and certification for community health workers in Ohio.

Dialysis Technicians

Find the forms and information related to licensing and certification for dialysis technicians in Ohio.

Medication Aides

Find the forms and information related to licensing and certification for medication aides in Ohio.