Rule Revisions

The Board completes its five-year review of applicable rules in a timely manner each year. Also, each year, individual rules not slated for five-year review are amended to comply with recent legislative changes or for technical or non-substantive reasons.

In 2020, as part of the five-year review, the Board is reviewing rules in Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 8, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Certification and Practice, Chapter 9: Prescriptive Authority, and Chapter 23: Dialysis Technicians. The Board will also consider revisions to individual rules that are not slated for five-year review, but are either required to be revised, or recommended to be updated, due to recent legislative action, or for technical reasons.

The following is a summary of the proposals for 2020 as reviewed by the Board at its May 20-21, 2020 Board meeting: May 1, 2020 Rules Memorandum w/attachments.

If you have any comments on the rules you would like the Board to consider at its July 2020 meeting, please email

For more information regarding the rule-making process, please see:

The Nurse Practice Act - Ohio Revised Code (ORC)

The Board is a government agency created by Ohio law to regulate the practice of nursing in Ohio for the safety of the public. The Ohio legislature enacts the Nurse Practice Act set forth in Chapter 4723. of the Ohio Revised Code.