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The Board provides data and multiple reports to inform interested parties about disciplinary actions, proposals for rule making, practice guidance, new regulatory requirements, statewide initiatives, workforce data, and annual Board work and statistics.

The Board has been collecting comprehensive nursing workforce data each year since 2013. Data collection is a vital component of workforce planning and policymaking.

The Board’s Momentum Magazine is Published Quarterly

Topics include articles about nursing practice, education, compliance, the Nurse Practice Act, and administrative rules, etc. Every issue includes lists of disciplinary action taken by the Board. Click on the issue to view the content and download information.
If you would like issues emailed to you at no cost, please request the copies from the publisher. Also contact the publisher if you want to receive a copy via email each time Momentum is published. Send your request to ohbnsubscriptions@pcipub.com.

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Designated Public Service Worker

Pursuant to O.R.C. 149.45(D)(1), a “designated public service worker” may file a form with a public office, to request that the address of the person making the request be redacted from any record made available by that office to the public on the internet. For purposes of this law, “designated public service worker” is defined at O.R.C. 149.43(A)(7). Upon receiving a request for redaction, a public office shall act within five (5) business days to either redact the requested information or provide a verbal or written explanation to the individual as to why a requested redaction is not practicable. O.R.C. 149.45(D)(2). To complete and submit the form, go to: