Posted: September 12, 2022

Important Update: Due to the anticipated high volume of inquiries, the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy has decided to postpone the go-live date of provider authorization.

Communications will be sent when a new enablement date has been determined. As a reminder, all OARRS users must register for an account as soon as possible to avoid losing access to the system.

To register or check the status of your registration, visit:

Additionally, integrated systems must be able to comply with the following by September 21, 2022 (these items can only be addressed by the provider’s IT Department, so please forward this information as appropriate):

1) PMP Gateway requests must include one or more of the following identifiers:

  • DEA
  • NPI
  • State Professional License Number along with the provider’s or pharmacist’s name and role

2) With the Provider Authorization feature enabled, the identifier used for the provider or pharmacist in the PMP Gateway request must match at least one of the identifiers used in that provider’s or pharmacist’s OARRS user account.

If you have questions or need any additional assistance, please contact: