Ohio Board of Nursing

17 South High Street, Suite 660
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3466
Phone: 614-466-3947
Fax: 614-466-0388

Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday (except government holidays)

Address and Parking

Governor’s Office and Statehouse

Media Inquiries

Customer Service
Phone: 614-466-3947
Email: board@nursing.ohio.gov

Specific Licensing Questions: 


Visit NURSYS.com for additional license verification resources


Contacting the Board

RN or LPN Initial Licensure by Examination or Reciprocity

For information about licensure by examination, email licensurebyexamination@nursing.ohio.gov.

For information about licensure by reciprocity from another state, email reciprocity@nursing.ohio.gov

For questions or information about the NCLEX examination, please visit NCSBN

For out of state nursing programs sending transcripts, email transcripts@nursing.ohio.gov 

License Renewal, Reactivation or Reinstatement, & Continuing Education

For questions about renewals email renewal@nursing.ohio.gov.

For questions about reactivations or reinstatements, email reinstatementandreactivation@nursing.ohio.gov

For inquiries pertaining to continuing education, please email ce@nursing.ohio.gov.


Disqualifying Offenses - Criminal History

With questions about disqualification offenses, email disqualifying-offense-requests@nursing.ohio.gov.

Complaints for Possible Violations of Law and Rules

To make a disciplinary complaint, click download Complaint Form or call 614-466-9560.

Post Disciplinary Monitoring

For all post disciplinary inquiries, contact monitoring@nursing.ohio.gov.

Alternative Program for Substance Use Disorder (AP)

Please direct all AP inquiries to alternative@nursing.ohio.gov.

Dialysis Technicians, Community Health Workers and Medication Aides Certification

For inquiries regarding Dialysis Technician certification, email dialysis@nursing.ohio.gov.

For inquiries regarding Community Health Worker certification, contact chw@nursing.ohio.gov.

For inquiries regarding Medication Aides certification, email medicationaides@nursing.ohio.gov.

Practice Questions and PIIP Program

For practice questions for RNs, LPNs, Dialysis Technicians, Community Health Workers, Medication Aides and the Practice Intervention and Improvement Program (PIIP), contact practiceRNandLPN@nursing.ohio.gov.

APRN Licensure & Practice

For inquiries regarding APRN licensure, contact licensureAPRN@nursing.ohio.gov.

For inquiries regarding APRN practice, contact practiceAPRN@nursing.ohio.gov.

Nursing Education Programs & Nurse Education Grant Program (NEGP)

For questions, concerns or issues regarding pre-licensure nursing education programs, email education@nursing.ohio.gov.

Please direct any questions regarding the Nursing Education Grant Program (NEGP) to negp@nursing.ohio.gov.


Administrative Rules

To submit comments on proposed administrative rules, email rules@nursing.ohio.gov.

Nursing Home, Assisted Living, or STNAs

For nursing home, assisted living facility or STNA questions or complaints, contact ODH at 800-342-0553.