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The Board regulates over 300,000 licenses and certificates. The Board licenses and regulates registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), Dialysis Technicians (DTs), Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Medication Aides. The Board’s top priorities are to efficiently license the nursing workforce and remove dangerous practitioners from practice in a timely manner to protect Ohio patients. Public protection is critical, as nursing touches virtually every citizen of Ohio. 

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Materials will be posted as available prior to each Board meeting.  Materials are generally available beginning 4-6 weeks before a scheduled meeting and materials are periodically added up to the time of the meeting.

1.2 September 2019 DRAFT Board Meeting Minutes

1.3 Executive Director Report

1.3.1 Fiscal Report

1.3.2 Legislative Report

3.1.1 ETI Technical College Associate Degree of Applied Science in Nursing

3.1.2 Valley College Practical Nursing Diploma Program

3.2.1 ETI Technical College Associate Degree of Applied Science in Nursing

3.2.2 Ohio Valley College of Technology School of Nursing Associate Degree in Nursing

3.2.3 Southern State Community College Associate Degree Nursing Program

3.2.4 Southern State Community College Practical Nursing Program

3.3.1 Professional Skills Institute School of Practical Nursing

3.5 National Certifying Organizations – APRNs

3.6 National Testing Organizations – Dialysis Technicians

3.7 OBN Approvers for Continuing Education

3.8 Retroactive Approvals for Licensees and Certificate Holders

5.2.1 Summary of Nursing Education Program Annual Reports

5.2.2 NEALP Report NEALP Funding Recommendation

6.1 Advisory Group on Nursing Education June Meeting – Minutes

6.2 Advisory Group on Continuing Education September Meeting – Minutes

6.3 Committee on Prescriptive Governance September Meeting – Minutes

6.4 Advisory Group on Nursing Education September Meeting – Minutes

6.5 Meeting Transcript – Advisory Committee on Advanced Practice Registered Nursing

7.12 Proposed Dates for 2020

2019 Board Meeting Minutes

2018 Board Meeting Minutes

2017 Board Meeting Minutes