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Military Members and Families,
If you or your spouse is a current or retired member of the armed forces of the United States, or a reserve component of the armed forces of the United States, including the Ohio national guard, the following information is provided to help you in obtaining licensure or certification by the Ohio Board of Nursing.

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Nursing Board Rules: Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 4723-2, Licensing for Active Duty Military and Veterans

OAC Chapter 4723-2 includes rules that explain how the Board processes applications, grants fee waivers, and extends certain deadlines for licensure from service members, veterans, or spouses of service members or veterans. Click here for the rules: http://codes.ohio.gov/oac/4723-2

Renewal/Reinstatement Fee Waivers for Military

If you are licensed or certified by the Board and are seeking renewal/reinstatement, you may be eligible for waiver of certain fees. To obtain a waiver of the late processing fee (renewal) or the reinstatement fee, generally you need to meet these requirements:

(1) not more than 6 months prior to the application, you or your spouse was honorably discharged or separated;

(2) if you are a licensee/certificate holder, you are not suffering a mental/physical impairment affecting your ability to practice;

(3) if you are military spouse, your spouse’s service caused you to be absent from Ohio during renewal.

Continuing Education Time Extension

Nurses, dialysis technicians, community health workers and medication aides called to active duty during a current or prior continuing education (CE) reporting period may receive an extension of time to complete CE requirements equal to the number of months spent in active duty.

Nurse Licensure: Exam, Endorsement and Temporary Permits

If you are applying to take an examination or are already licensed in another state as a nurse, the Board provides expedited processing to military veterans or spouses. You can obtain a Temporary Permit to practice in Ohio in as little as 3 business days if all requirements are met. Check the box on the license form indicating “military or spouse of military”.

Crosswalk Summarizing Veterans’ Pathway to Licensure or Certification

Pathway in Ohio for Military Personnel to Become Licensed Practical Nurses

Local LinkClick Here for Licensure by Examination and Endorsement Forms - Includes information for foreign educated nurses.

Local LinkClick Here for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - Education andTraining Information

Local LinkClick Here for NCLEX Qualified Veterans Reimbursement Program Information

Criminal Records Checks

Local LinkClick Here for Information About Required Criminal Records Checks for Licensure and Certification

Local LinkClick Here to find out how the Criminal Records Check may affect your future employment as a nurse or certificate holder in Ohio.

FAQs:  Future Career Options - Professions Regulated by the Board of Nursing

Question:  What professions are regulated by the Board of Nursing?


  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Registered Nurses
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses  (CNS, CNP, CRNA, or Nurse Midwifes)
  • Medication Aides
  • Dialysis Technicians
  • Community Health Workers

Question:  I have military education, training and experience in the healthcare field but am not licensed or certified yet. Will this experience help me in obtaining a license or certificate?

Answer:   It may. All professions regulated by the Board require completion of an education or training program, and passing an examination. Regarding the training/education program, your experience may be counted as “transfer credit” or advanced standing credit by an Ohio program.

In June 2013, Governor Kasich signed Executive Order 2013-05K, requiring all boards and commissions to identify and report by December 31, 2013, legal barriers to the revision of policies and procedures to further streamline the issuance of licenses and certificates based on relevant military education, training or service. In furtherance of the Governor’s objective, the Ohio Board of Nursing adopted new Rule 4723-5-12, Ohio Administrative Code, which was effective February 1, 2014. The rule requires nursing education programs and various training programs to establish policies for review of military education or skills training and determine whether it is substantially equivalent to the nursing curriculum established in Board rules.

Question:  What resources are available to help me figure out how my military education and training would be evaluated by training and education programs for advanced standing credit?

Answer:   The following are helpful resources:


Military personnel, military spouses and veterans of our armed services can also find helpful information at:

External LinkNCSBN Analysis: A Comparison of Selected Military Health Occupation Curricula with a Standard Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse Curriculum: Click here for the Analysis:

External LinkAccelerated Path to BSN: A new program is coming in 2016 at Wright State for veterans with a medical background to have an accelerated path to a BSN.
Veteran's Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program (WSU-VBSN)

External LinkWhite House Announces Telehealth Initiatives Designed to Provide Greater Access to Veterans

The White House recently announced a set of initiatives developed by the Veterans Health Administration designed to expand access to health care for veterans through mobile and other telehealth services. The initiatives provide Veterans Affairs (VA) health care providers with tools that will make it easier to see patients off-site and will eliminate a licensing requirement that has prevented VA providers from providing remote consultations to out-of-state patients.

The initiatives will expand VA’s telehealth capability in three areas:

External LinkVA, VFW and Walgreens Collaborate to Enhance Veterans’ Access to Mental Health Resources

External LinkAmerican Academy of Nursing, “Have You Ever Served in the Military?”

External LinkGovernor's Office of Workforce Transformation News - Ohio Recognizes Veterans as a Valuable, Skilled and Ready Workforce

External LinkVeteran ID Cards are available from the Franklin County Recorder's Office. For information or to obtain an ID Card, call 614-525-3910 or go to the website at www.franklincountyohio.gov.

External LinkNationwide Opioid Therapy Tool

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently made available the Opioid Therapy Risk Report, a tool to help protect veterans using high doses of opioids or those with medical risk factors that may put them at increased risk of complications from opioid medications. The tool is available to all staff in the Veterans Health Administration. It includes information about dosages of narcotics and other sedative medications, significant medical problems that could contribute to an adverse reaction and monitoring data to aid in the review and management of complex patients.

The Opioid Therapy Risk Report tool gives VA providers the ability to review all pertinent clinical data related to pain treatment in one place, providing a more efficient and comprehensive veteran-centered level of management previously unavailable to primary care providers. Training aids for providers and facilities are being made available over the next several weeks to help familiarize them with the use of the tool in daily practice.


External LinkVeterans Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program offered by the George Washington University’s School of Nursing

External Link http://workforce.ohio.gov

External LinkAmerican Council on Education (ACE) Military Guide:

External LinkO*NET Online - Military Crosswalk Search:

External LinkVeterans On-Line Application (VONAPP): On-line Application for VA Education Benefits

External Link Qualified Veterans Reimbursement Program: NCSBN Education Reimbursement for Veterans

Adobe Acrobat File"Transition From Military Medic to Nursing." Retrieved from the Nevada State Board of Nursing News (March 2014)

External Link"University of Minnesota trains new nurses to tend to veterans", (By Mark Brunswick Star Tribune May 17, 2015) For the first time, the University of Minnesota School of Nursing is graduating a group of nurses skilled in tending to the health needs of the nation’s veterans.

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