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The Ohio Board of Nursing regulates certified community health workers (CHW) in Ohio. See Ohio Revised Code Sections 4723.81 through 4723.88 and Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 4723-26. 

CHW Forms and Applications

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CHW Training Programs

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The 2018 Ohio Community Health Worker Statewide Assessment

In 2003, HB 95 was passed (125th GA) to authorize certification of CHWs and approval of CHW training programs. See Sections 4723.81 through 4723.88, Ohio Revised Code (ORC). Section 4723.82(A), ORC, authorizes an individual holding a current, valid community health worker certificate to use the title "certified community health worker" or "community health worker" when providing services such as education, role modeling, outreach, home visits, and referrals for an individual, family, or entire community. There are over 600 certified CHWs in Ohio.

In September 2018, the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and the Ohio College of Medicine Government Resource Center (GRC) completed "Key Findings from the 2018 Ohio Community Health Worker Statewide Assessment (Assessment)" which identifies how CHWs are currently trained, certified, employed, and reimbursed. The summary report and fact sheets are below:

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